Finish Grading and Seeding

Finish Grading and Lawn Restoration

We offer the following services for your new or existing home or commercial facility.

  1. Rough and Finish Grading
  2. Top Soil install
  3. Seed and Straw (loose or matting)
  4. Hydro Seeding
  5. Sod Install

When preparing a new lawn it is very important that the amount of top soil above the rough grade surface is atleast 3″ or you will have issues in the summer months with the turf drying out and the grass dying.

Our Hydro Seeding Process

  1. Seed the entire yard and rake it in to soil.
  2. Apply starter fertilizer to entire soil area.
  3. Spray Hydro Seed which is a paper mulch product mixed with more grass seed.
  4. Re starter fertilizer the yard in 30 days.

NOTE:  The watering process by the home owner or the facility manager is very important.  Seed needs to be kept wet so that it can begin to germinate.  Once you have about 1/2″ growth then water once a day or as needed based on temperature. Be careful not to over water as that can be just as bad as not watering.

finish grading and lawn restoration