Irrigation Maintenance

Irrigation Start Up, Shut Down and Maintenance

Spring Start Up

The Techs turn your interior water on and do all the following steps

  1. Set time clock to correct time and watering days and times
  2. Activate each zone and ensure each head is working and spraying correctly.
  3. Any repairs needed will be billed separately.

Irrigation Maintenance

The Techs will do routine maintenance to your irrigation system and make repairs as needed.  This charge is hourly plus the cost of materials.  Most facilities have what is called a Mid Season check of the system.

Irrigation Winterize

The Tech will come to the home or facility and do the following steps to winterize the irrigation system.

  1. Turn off main water supply.
  2. Drain any interior water ports.
  3. Hook air compressor to system and go through each zone 2 times to ensure water is out of the system.
  4. Turn the clock off for the winter.

By not doing a winter blow out of your system you can cause pipes and heads to freeze and crack and cost thousands in costly repairs.