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In its purest form, our leaf compost is made from tree leaves collected in the pristine woodlands of Wisconsin. This product was originally developed for use as a soil amendment and to top dress our most expensive ginseng farms, where dried roots can sell for upwards of $1000 a pound. By recreating this natural woodland process in a controlled manner, we are able to produce a nutrient rich compost that local farmers and gardeners can use to enhance their soil vitality.

Leaf Compost improves the health of tired, worn-out soils by adding rich, organic matter packed full of the micro-nutrients and beneficial bacteria plants need to thrive. This is the “vitamin” Mother Nature intended for everything from Azaleas to Zinnias. Leaf compost maximizes the structure of your existing soil, whether by improving the porosity of hard, clay soils or enhancing the moisture retention of soft, sandy soils. By minimizing nutrient loss from water run-off and erosion and increasing the permeability of existing soil, you and your landscape will reap the benefits of more vigorous root growth, greener foliage and bigger blooms.